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The Soaring Ventures Development and Training center is one of the branch center of the organization that aims to provide free development training courses and online academic review and support to interested members of the youth may it be online or offline. With the establishment of its development and training center, this is one of the ways in fulfilling our organizations aims in reaching to the development of the youth. As of the moment, the training center only accommodates online training courses and review.

To kick off the month long celebration this November, the National Alliance of Youth Volunteers, Inc. is currently offering its first Online Basic First Aid Course to interested individuals who want to participate on its first online session and training.

The online training will be a self paced training wherein students could submit their assignments and review lessons on their own time and pace. Assignments and quizzes should be submitted on the time frame provided by the instructor. The different step-by-step procedure of the First Aid Training will be thoroughly explained in a minimal jargon with quick review section of your lessons. A simple quiz will recap every lesson to ensure that quality learning had been inculcated in the student. 

An online demonstration of selected first aid will be a requirement in passing the course. Upon completion of the course and passing it on the syllabus requirements stated, students could ask for a professional, full-color wall certificate and a wallet size card of passing the First Aider requirements of the training center.

Please take note that the training is not accredited in any international organization but all sessions and lessons presented in the course confers to the most recent standards and guidelines as of October 18, 2010. This free training course aims to provided students with the cognitive skills need to administer CPR and First Aid in case of an emergency.

5 Steps in taking the online course:

Step 1: Register your student profile. You could register by clicking here. A confirmation message will be sent through email or text regarding your enrollment status.

Step 2: Register for a class in our eclassrom by clicking here.

Step 3: Use the class key provided on the different training courses you want to partake. For the Basic First Aid Training , the class key is

Step 4: Fill up the necessary information required.

Step 5: Always log-in in our eclassroom to be updated with the different lessons, handouts, assignments and quizzes.

With this simple steps, you could easily register on our free online courses. Have a happy learning and development.
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Nice... love the course

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Hope your online course will develop more.....


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