Experiencing the scouting program is one of the best experience a new scout could have especially if it will be his first time attending a school camp with all the camping materials and tent prepared for 2 days fun-filled school camp of Dampas Elementary School, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Last November 9 - 10, 2012, Dampas Elementary School conducted its Campus Camping and Tuklas ng Talino which was participated by the different registered scouts and beneficiaries of the Cords for Cause Project whom were also taking their primary education in the aforementioned school.

Project Beginning...

The project was first planned out as a way of reaching out to the poor community in Brgy. Dampas especially on the marginalized members working in the dump site area. The project aims to support poor children in the area by assisting them in their development through formal and informal education. As planned, beneficiaries will experience the scouting program wherein they will be provided with free membership fee,  activity participation at more on the outdoor program of scouting. On the other hand, the project will also assist them in their development by providing informal education  program through skills teachings and informal academic teaching. 

At first, the project had its hard time organizing due to lack of manpower and people who are willing to support the program. On the month of May 2012, the organization started to implement the project and the different officers led by our Vice-president for Administration, Sctr. Christine Sarabia, started to look for different children who belong to marginalized members of the society in Dampas especially those children who are working in the dumpsite area. After 2 weeks, we were able to get 16 beneficiaries and most of them work in the junk shop area. When the classes opened last June, the beneficiaries received their free school supplies to support them in their schooling. 

Project Updates...

As the National Alliance of Youth Volunteers, Inc. continue to implement the project, the beneficiaries continue to experience the different programs of the project. 

Last November 9 - 10, 2012, the beneficiaries were able to experience School Camp and Campfire Presentation. They had an enjoyable night during the campfire presentation. The conduct of the school camp of Dampas Elementary School was assisted by the officers and members of the organization namely Christine Sarabia, Jade Dumancas, Albert Puagang and Roselle Mhae Itong. All of them were invested rover scouts during the Bohol Island State University (BISU) Investiture Ceremony. 

The beneficiaries enjoyed the different activities from the skills demonstration, skills tourney and team building activities prepared for them. The school head and school coordinator of Dampas Elementary School was very supported in the implementation of the project and school camp. 

What made the beneficiaries more happy is that they were able to receive new shoes and manuals on the afternoon of November 10, 2012. The uniforms were kept for safe keeping.  As a gratitude to the person behind in providing them the necessary materials, they made their own "Thank you and Birthday Card" to Sct. Ryan Reyes from California, USA. The different cards were made from the creativity of the beneficiaries of the Cords for Cause Project. 

Upcoming Programs of the Project...

With the continued success of implementing the project, further partnerships are being established to ensure the continued implementation of the project in the years to come.  The organization was able to seal partnership with Dampas Elementay School of Tagbilaran City Division as a sponsored school of the Cords for Cause Project. With the support of the school head and school coordinator, the partnership is on the pace of success. The 130+ new beneficiaries from Grade 1 to 6 will receive free BSP Membership fee thus marking the school as a "Cords for Cause School Beneficiary". The school coordinator gives its sincerest thanks and would please to welcome Sct. Ryan when he comes to visit his first sponsored school. Talks regarding the participation of the beneficiaries on the upcoming Provincial Jamborette is currently conducted  to ensure quality participation and preparedness of the beneficiaries before attending the jamborette.

On the other hand, a discussion with Sir Datu Raymond regarding the Cords for Cause Project was made and a new partnership was established. With the aim of bringing quality youth development program to far flung places especially those living on islands and hard to reach areas, the organization in partnership with OSY will bridged the gap and will let them experience the project program. (Note: A separate article will be provided once the list of beneficiaries willbe finalized.) 
We give our sincerest thanks to all people who in one way or another supported in the success of the implementation of the project. To the persons who are behind in this project especially to the Reyes Family of California, USA, we give our humblest thanks. 


Support the Project...

Interested individuals who want to support the project could contact the secretariat using the email address:
  • soaringventures2011@hotmail.com
  • sanie1989@gmail.com (President's Email)

Contact No. : 09425687227

You could also volunteer by clicking the button below.

Upcoming Article: 
  • The Man and Team Behind the Cause  - get to know the person and team  who made all this project possible.
  • 2nd Year Anniversary: Looking Back To Where it All Start - get to know how the organization how it come into what it is today and its current and upcoming project.

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