Rizal High School, a far flung secondary school in Batuan, Bohol is also one of the pilot schools in the conduct of CheckmySchool Project by the CMS Bohol Team on its second year of implementation. The team visited the aforementioned school last August 29, 2012 and was welcomed warmly by the faculty headed by their school principal, Mr. Roselito Nuera. 

The CMS Project aims to monitor the different services provided by the Department of Education to the community. With the implementation the project, the team was able to take note of the different needs of the school and such priorities must be immediately address in order to maintain the quality of education provided by the school. Some of the issues were the needs of repair of the different doors, repair of computer both in the laboratory and faculty. The school had been one of the beneficiary of set of computers from a foundation in Japan but sad to say, there is no available internet connection for the school where student could easily access the world wide web.

For the full report of the data gathered during the CMS Data Validation, just click on the link provided below:

  • Rizal High School (Batuan, Bohol)

Community participation and mobilization is an important aspect for the development of one's community. With effective partnership and communication, we could help in the improvement of quality education in DepEd. To private individuals, organizations and business sector who want to help in addressing the different needs of the school, you could personally send a message to sanie1989@gmail.com / soaringventures2011@hotmail.com.

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