Each and every youth is unique and has its own talents and skills. Being an effective leader depends on every individual's personalities and traits. Youth aspiring to become an effective leader needs time in developing their skills and talents in leadership. 

Here are some simple steps every youth could do to become an effective 

1. Make room for improvement and be yourself

To become an effective leader, you must first know more about yourself. Try to discover your strong points and understand your weakness. Be yourself  and don't try to pretend to be another person since each individual is  unique. Being yourself always makes other people realize that you are a genuine  person not only by words but also through action. Always be consistent on your decision and be reliable enough to build trust and support from your fellow colleagues. 

Leaders are not perfect human beings that they already possess all leadership 
traits but rather leaders always makes space for improvement of their skills and talents. Always be open to the idea of other people. A good leader is a good team player and is always open to new methods.

2. Build your Vision 

As an effective leader, we must have a "Vision" that would guide the team on what they want to be the future. Once you have a vision, share your vision to your team and let them understand what you want accomplished. Communicate your vision and let it be public. 

3. Establish Teamwork

You must have a good relationship with your team and must be able to know them well including their strong points and weaknesses. Try to understand your team especially on their weaknesses. Make yourself available in all times to your team and let them feel that you are always willing extend a hand to them. 

As a leader, you are the one responsible in making your team energetic and 
exciting and making them feel that they are important in achieving the team's vision and goals.  There is always no "I" in a team but always we. Yes, you may be the leader but you are still part of the team and should never lose the concept of working together to achieve your common goals. 

4. Have an Effective Communication

As a leader, you must not be the only one discussing ideas but rather seek support from your team members. By asking them what they think could help in achieving your team's goals, they could feel the sense of importance and being an integral part of the team. Consider everything your members share to the team in order for them not to feel being ignored by the team. 

5. Appreciate your Team's Performance

Always give appreciation to every effort and hard work your members contributed to the success of your team. Assess what your team had achieved in a week or any time frame. In case, there will be different problems encountered during the assessment, don't forget to  address them and praise every good job the team had done. Our words of encouragement to other people serves as their inspiration to continue what he/she had been for the success of the team. 

Learning to be an effective leader is just like any other skills - constant practice to help you improve your leadership skills. Always be willing to accept different challenges and leadership opportunities around you. 

(Note: The author would like to apologize for any grammatical errors committed in the article.)

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11/7/2012 03:56:25 pm

Nice.... good and concise....

11/8/2012 11:20:40 am

Thank you very much Sir Samuel.....


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