Volunteerism had been the most effective way to build our community today with the help of our youth but there is one thing that always linger in everyone's mind especially to people who aren't familiar with volunteerism on what volunteers could gain in taking part of the different volunteering projects. One thing also more common on Pilipinos is that they always associate volunteerism to "stipend or allowance" in doing and taking part with the activity.  Yes, it is true that being a member and volunteer of the National Alliance of Youth Volunteers, Inc and in any other volunteer opportunity activities, we could not afford to give allowances, stipend nor money for all the services volunteers render because no amount could equal their value since VOLUNTEERS are PRICELESS. 

What do our volunteers could gain in taking part with the different volunteering activities and projects? Here are some of the benefits volunteers gained in taking part with different projects and activities:

  • Volunteers Meet New People and Team - taking part in different volunteering activities provides opportunities for volunteers to meet new people and member of their team. Volunteering activities are composed of different diverse people and personalities from the different walks of life thus providing social and communication development to the volunteers. Meeting new people develop personal and profession relationship with each other thus in one way or another could help on the growth of the volunteers.

  • Volunteerism Provides New Network Connections and Opportunities - living today means living with uncertain economic times thus having connections and networks is an ideal way of building your career and increase your chances of development. Volunteer projects offer different networks and connections especially that most of time volunteers are assigned on areas where they demonstrated quality standard services and skills. Constant participation in volunteering activities provides greater opportunities to meet persons that would provide new information and learning inputs.

  • Volunteers Feel the Sense of Achievement and Appreciation - by taking part in different volunteering activities, volunteers are motivated to work not because of any amount they would receive but rather on their motivation and passion in serving the community. Working because of passion could help the volunteer feel the sense of achievement. 

  • Volunteerism Assist Volunteer's Establishment in their Community - volunteering activity could act as a bridge in connecting the gap in community development and community participation. Volunteering spirit is all about helping other people and contributing to the positive impact we bring to other people's life and their well-being. 

These are just some of the different benefits volunteers gained in taking part in different volunteer opportunities. By being a youth volunteer, you did not only help in the development of your community but also in the development of your skills and well-being. Volunteering benefits is not something we could achieve by just in a one night sleep but rather through succession of support and participation. Together as one family and network of volunteers, we could build this world a better place not for our own sake but for the future of the next generation who will follow. 
Samuel de Leon
11/7/2012 11:24:14 am

Keep up the good work and continue reaching out to far flung schools. Any way we could help?


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