Scouting was founded by Lord Robert Stephenson Smith Baden-Powell as an institution of preparing our scouts to the different challenges that they could encounter in their life and as means of molding them to become reliable citizens in the future.

      The Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) are the official National Scout Organization (NSO) assigned in our country as the direct branch of the World Organization of Scouting Movement (WOSM). The BSP formulates different scouting programs and trainings to the different scouting sections for the fulfillment of the association’s aim in molding our scouts as the next citizens in our country and inculcating the value of service in the community.

In recognition of the scout’s fulfillment of the different programs and trainings and inculcating the scout Oath and Law in their life as they interact with their community, the Eagle Scout award was formulated. The award is the most coveted achievement of the seniors scouts throughout the country and achieving such award is not an easy task.

Here are 5 simple tips that you could use in order for your dream to become an Eagle Scout awardee closer to reality:

Tip #1: Build a solid motivation in making yourself a productive scout. Motivation would be essential in helping you achieve the Eagle Scout award as it can affect your success aiding you become more efficient and productive. Set your mind on something that could motivate you like inspirations.

Tip #2: Becoming an Eagle Scout awardee requires hard work and dedication of the person who must not be afraid of any failures that the scout could encounter in the process. Failures and Improvement always goes hand in hand because through failures, we could always know what aspect we need to improve and focus. Improvement is like a window into knowing our inner self that needs development and it should never be taken for granted. Listen to the advices of your adult leaders on what you need to improve. Learning the different skills and applying it requires hard work and dedication.

Tip #3: Becoming an Eagle Scout awardee also entails responsibility. As the famous saying from the movie Spiderman, “Great power comes with great responsibility” so thus the responsibility of every Eagle Scout awardee as role models to the younger scouts. Even before we become an Eagle Scout awardee, we should serve as role models and take the responsibility that had been assigned to us. Being a responsible scout is the essence of the award.

Tip #4: Another factor that could affect the outcome of your goal in becoming an Eagle Scout award is the way how you believe and pursue your dream. When we were in our younger years, we tend to dwell on our imagination on what do we want to become in the future. This imagination had fueled our belief that we could achieve it and we should never quit pursuing our dream. Since we are setting the Eagle Scout award as we dream, then we need to learn the different requirements in achieving the award from the explorer rank to the Eagle Scout requirements. Pursuing our dream moves you faster in achieving it.

Tip #5: The most important thing in achieving the award is for every scout to make scouting as their passion. Passion is something that is in your heart on what you want to be and what you want to achieve. Make scouting as something that you could live with and what you really want.

May these simple tips provided could help you achieve the Eagle Scout award. Do not forget to share it with your fellow scouts.

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